Monday, October 22, 2012

Oh My: new plantings

I love it when I get to cross stuff of my list. This weekend we got to check one off that's been on the list for ever.

Here's our pool equipment area.  It's nicely hidden behind this modern structure my husband built years ago.  This area of the backyard is all cement.  So I have to use containers to garden.  I'm not the best at watering these plants, whatever I plant has to be able to handle full sun and little to no water.  Succulents are the way to go.  I bought this long vine succulent at the antique swat meet a while back and have been able to use it a variety of places in the backyard.  This weekend I planted them in my blue pots along the top of the fence.   I love the shadows the plant creates as it flows in the wind.  

We have also slowly been replanting our back planter.  It was full of invasive bamboo that was removed over a year ago.  It's been a barren space all year and I'm so happy to have plants again.  I'm planting succulents back here too.

I can't wait to see these plants fill in.  The large succulents in the front, grow big fast. 

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