Saturday, May 25, 2013

Lately around here

We're gearing up for summer.  I'm thinking about how I'm going to entertain my kids without electronics this summer.  We're going to be earning our tv and iPad time.  The kids will be reading and helping me around the house to earn the time on the electronics .     

We've been living to the fullest around here,  enjoy!
Crystal Cove State Beach was strolled with the kids.  I love this beach and plan on visiting a lot this summer.
Dominos and ice cream
We have 3 tomato plants, I can't wait to eat fresh all summer.
Taco night with my dad, so yummy!
Mini golf adventures.  I learned I really suck at mini golf.
The School Garden is weedy, weedy, weedy. This will be my summer project.  
Our bounty from the garden.  We made grapefruit carrot juice.  
I thrifted these paint racks, total score.  They were filled with brand new paints too!  This will keep me painting all summer.
I'll never tire of dominos.
Four little squirrels were born in our neighbor's garage.  The are so flipping cute.  
New outdoor rug from ikea.
Sunflowers always make me smile.
Mother's Day paper airplane contest.  I haven't laughed so hard in a while.  This was a fun game for the whole family, young and young at heart.
We helped my daughter make a Mt. St. Helen's model.  Hello foil and duck tape!
I learned that sometimes a little drawing is in order to sooth and relax after a long day.  Like only 5 minutes of drawing, and it was sleepy time.

Today our house looks like this!  Good things are happening around here, I'll share soon.

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