Saturday, March 7, 2009

Craft Lab: Salt Dough Hand and Foot Prints

A couple of years ago, we gave this shadow box to my Dad for Father's day. However, it sort feel apart. Check out previous post for recipe and instructions on how to make the dough. I purchased the frame at Michael's and it came with a velvety black fabric background, so I thought i could just add Velcro to the pieces and the fabric and it would be fine. However, the Velcro did not stick well to the dough and the pieces feel into the box a couple of weeks after Fathers day. So 2 years later, I finally fixed it. This time I used permanent Zots stick the dough pieces to the fabric. They seem to be doing well. When they say permanent, they mean it. I used these on our windows and I can't get them off. This is a great budget friendly gift idea.

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