Friday, April 24, 2009

Craft Lab: Needle Felted Chick

Here's a photo tutorial of how I made my little baby chick. I hand crafted this a few weeks back on spring break. On our last day, I broke my needle and haven't been able to needle felt since. So yesterday, I needed to escape my house, I went to not one or two yarn stores, but four to locate some felting needles. I drove all over the place. The first store had them, but the ladies were not helpful and the kind they had were so expensive, that I left emptyhanded. One store told me needle felting is not very popular.... Really? Come on people, open your perspective a bit. In hind sight, I could be felting right now if I bought one from the the first store. Oh well. Today, I will look online for some new needles. Wish me luck.

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