Monday, July 13, 2009

in progress-the bedroom

I had to just take a quick shot of the new organic bedding that arrived this week. I love it! I have to still paint the walls a nice light grey(not a high priority) and I'd like to reinvent the prints behind the bed. For the prints I'd like to paint the frame glossy white and make collages on them. The prints are a little sentimental to me. My daughter at age 22 months started to wear glasses for a turned eye and she is super far sighted. She was so little and on the first day of wearing her new glasses, we were laying on our bed and she looked up at the prints and said "look at the monkeys." I think I cried. She had such horrible vision she hadn't been able to make out the monkeys before. It was as if she was seeing things for the first time.

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that is a beautiful moment!