Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Craft Lab: 3 Drawer Dresser

I picked this up on CraigsList a couple weeks ago for $20. I couldn't wait to paint it. As, I went to clean this with a rag and soapy water, the grime was just not coming off. So, I took it out front and hosed it down very well. Oops, I sort of warped it a bit, but after the water dried up and with a few nails, it was back to normal. Next up, a wipe of liquid sandpaper over the old paint. After that, I primed and painted it with some paint we had left over form another project. I spray painted the old green/gold handles black. A little elbow grease, and a few hours and done. I'm so happy to be using this space again (the previous piece sort of fell apart).

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amybluestar said...

That looks awesome! You are good.