Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Craft Lab: Vintage Dresser

We needed to get a new dresser for my son and I really wanted a vintage one. They just don't make new ones like they used to. I began to shop at the thrift stores and couldn't find one at the right price. My search then led to Craigslist, where I found not one, but two pieces from the same seller that I liked. What a bargain! I couldn't wait to get started to change this one up. My son requested the dresser be painted gray, and we just happen to have gray paint that would work. I saw the potential of painting the dresser two colors, but struggled on which parts to paint which. After I primed it all white, I knew the answer. I ended up painting the body and knobs gray, with the drawers white. Here's a quick shot of the piece in the room (no styling). I'm thinking of moving the piece to another wall so it will be next to these. BTW, my son loves it!

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MyLittleHappyPlace said...

This post totally cracked me up - I thought I was the only one who painted in my swimsuit! ;)

P.S. - I tried to reply back to your comment about the Preval spray gun. I'm very interested...Have you used yours? If so, was the finish smooth?

My only experience with a paint sprayer didn't have the best results - the paint came out with a weird, "orange peel" texture. I think I might have to order this Preval gun, though!