Monday, December 28, 2009

Craft Lab- Glittered Peace Sign

I'm seriously loving glitter painting. We whipped up this peace sign for my niece's Christmas present. I'm pretty sure she loved it. My six year old daughter helped with this one, here's the directions. Trace a large circle with pencil on a 12 by 12 black canvas. We used a large mixing bowl. Then we did the same thing with a slightly smaller bowl. Then, we took a ruler to make a one inch wide line down the middle. At the center point of the line, we made the left and right legs of the peace sign, both one inch wide. Next, we took leaf green acrylic paint and filled in all the void spaces and left the peace sign white. While this is drying, mix up your glitter. I didn't have the correct shade, so I blended, greens, golds, and browns to achieve the desired color of glitter. Because this is a large piece and the mod podge dries quickly, I worked in sections. Apply glue with a brush, then sprinkle with glittler. Make sure to reuse all the fallen glitter, as to not waste any. After the green glitter was applied and dried, we used silver tinsel glitter for the sign. There you have it!

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