Saturday, October 16, 2010

Kid Art: blowing paint

The kids and I were watching some BBC show, and a guy with no artist background needed a quick art lesson, so an art teacher taught him how to blow paint. I thought this would be a fun craft to try with the kids.

We took almost empty bottles of acrylic paint and added a wee bit of water to them and shook them up. Then, we put some paper up on our fence, and the kids started to blow. This made a big mess on the fence and hardly any paint got on the paper, so we moved to the grass.

*******Please note that my kids are 7 and 6. My 7 year old, sucked up a mouth full of blue paint . I felt horrible for her. I did warn them about getting paint in their mouths. We washed and scrubbed her tongue to get all the paint out of her mouth. So after that little mishap, we changed our technique and didn't suck the paint in the straw, rather, we placed our finger over the top of the straw and lifted it to the paper and dropped the paint and then blew it with the straw while it was on the paper.**************

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