Sunday, July 31, 2011

Craft 52 week 24: homemade sidewalk paint

 Craft 52
week 23

homemade sidewalk paint
Keeping the kids busy is my goal with this craft.  This was so easy  and I had all the stuff on hand.  

You'll need:  
side walk chalk
plastic baggies

Have the kids put each color of chalk in to a zip lock bag, close it up and go to town with the mallet.  Mash up the chalk until it is dust.  Try to get all the lumps out.  Next, place chalk dust into the bowl and add a little water to make a paste.  Add water until you get a paint like consistency.   Then paint!  The kids pretty much did this all by themselves.  The best part of this craft, is keeps on going.  After were done for the day, we set the bowls aside so we can come back the next day, add water to the bowls again and start painting.  Have fun!

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